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The Program from 2019:Vocal and String Performances 2019

Piano and Wind and Percussion Perfomances 2019Below are some performances from previous competitions. It’s truly amazing the quality of talent that this competition attracts. You have to experience it to believe it!

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Samuel Fowler – Strings 1st Place, 2019, playing Caprice no.4 for solo violin “Disequilibrium” (Original violin composition)

Joshua Hopkins – Piano 1st Place, 2010, playing Hexentanz by MacDowell
He has since earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Musical Theatre from Southern Utah University.

Sabrina Ellis – Piano 2nd Place, 2015, Tied 1st Place for Audience Choice, playing Prelude  Op. No. 2, C Sharp Minor by Rachmaninoff
She is currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada.

Jasmine Hopkins – Bell solo, 2005, Stephen Foster Medley
She has since earned a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from Southern Utah University and is working as a Foster Care Supervisor.

Heather Hopkins – Piano, 2014
She is currently attending Utah State University.

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