Vocal & String Performances, 4-12-18

Everyone performed magnificently! Kudos to all!

And the winner’s from the April 12th performance are….


1st Place – Courtney Larsen, cello

2nd Place – Zane Fridal, cello

3rd Place – Aaron Lacy, cello

Honorable Mention – Amelia Merkley, violin

Male Vocalists:

1st Place – Jeremy Killpack

2nd Place – Luke Andersen

3rd Place – Bryant White

Female Vocalists:

1st Place – Keziah Roderer

2nd Place was tied – Samantha Bell & Elizebeth Swink

Audience Choice:

Keziah Roderer


Pictured left to right: Aaron Lacey, Jeremy Killpack, Bryant White, Luke Andersen, Keziah Roderer, Samantha Bell, Elizebeth Swink, Zane Fridal, Courtney Larsen, Amelia Merkley with George Whitney behind


Can’t wait to hear tomorrow night’s performances!


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