2016 Young Artist Cup Winners!

The Young Artist Committee, in association with the performing arts department of Mountain Crest High School, present the winners of the 17th annual Young Artist Cup.

The competition took place Thursday, April 7th and Friday, April 8th at Mountain Crest. 15 performers were selected from the many talented entrants to receive cash prizes and trophies in five music categories. In addition, the three winners of the logo competition were honored.


  • 1st Place – Levi Hopkins, sophomore, son of Lynn and Tonia Hopkins of Nibley
  • 2nd Place – Matt Rigby, senior, son of Scott and Jalyn Rigby of Nibley
  • 3rd Place – Kiersten Jensen, junior, daughter of Steven and Katrisha Jensen of Hyrum


  • 1st Place – Sarah Daines, junior, daughter of Mark and Marni Daines of Wellsville
  • 2nd Place – Heather Hopkins, senior, daughter of Leigh and Sharon Hopkins of Nibley
  • 3rd Place – Christian Parish, sophomore, son of Brandon and Stephanie Parish of Mendon

Female Vocal

  • 1st Place – Emmeline Swink, senior, daughter of James and Keri Swink of Providence
  • 2nd Place – Erin Searle, senior, daughter of Del Raye and Kevin Searle of Providence,
  • 3rd Place – Samantha Bell, sophomore, daughter of Stan and Jeannette Bell of Wellsville

Male Vocal

  • 1st Place – Levi Hopkins, sophomore, son of Lynn and Tonia Hopkins of Nibley
  • 2nd Place – Mason Sydall, senior, son of Lynn and Kristine Sydall of Hyrum
  • 3rd Place – Ty Bowen, senior, son of Marcie and Jeremy Bowen


  • 1st Place – Elizabeth Sweeten, junior, daughter of Thayne and Kay Sweeten of Nibley
  • 2nd Place – Jacki Andrus, junior, daughter of Todd and Tani Andrus of Hyrum
  • 3rd Place – Benjamin Bloxham, senior, son of Andy and Marilyn Atkinson of Hyrum

Logo Design

2016 Young Artist Cup Logo
  • 1st Place – Ivy Rich, senior, daughter of Jason and Kari Rich of Mendon
  • 2nd Place – Tia Luther, junior, daughter of Jared and Jennifer Luther of Providence
  • 3rd Place – Jane Finlayson, junior, daughter of Kurt and Stephanie Finlayson of Wellsville

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