Mountain Crest-Ridgeline Young Artist Cup

And the winners of this year’s competition are…

(drum roll please)

Wednesday, March 30, 2022:

2022 Winners Piano, Brass/Wind/Percussion


1st Place: Kaylee Smith, French Horn

2nd Place: Mara Gasser, Clarinet

3rd Place: Paige Larson, Tenor Saxophone


1st Place: Evan Baer

2nd Place: Andrew Findley

3rd Place: Jamison Ellis

Audience Choice

Andrew Findley

Thursday, March 31, 2022

2022 Winners Logo, Vocal, Strings

Male Vocal

1st Place: William Hadfield

2nd Place: James Thatcher

3rd Place: Austin Fronk

Honorable Mention:  Stephen Thatcher 

Female Vocal

1st Place: Ana Gordon

2nd Place: Lily Swink

3rd Place: Sophie Harding

Honorable Mention: Ashlyn Johnson


1st Place: Evan Baer

2nd Place: Hugues Herpin

3rd Place: Silas Nebeker

Honorable Mention:  Paige Anderson

Audience Choice

Silas Nebeker


1st Place – Emma Turpin, Senior at Ridgeline
2nd Place – Kallie Lund, Senior at Ridgeline
3rd Place – Jared Hochstrasser, Junior at Mountain Crest