Mountain Crest-Ridgeline Young Artist Cup

at Mountain Crest and Ridgeline High Schools


Enjoy some of our participants at

Noon Music at the Tabernacle

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

at Noon!


Thanks to everyone who helped with, participated in, or were involved in this year’s Young Artist Cup in any way!

Everyone performed magnificently both nights! It never ceases to amaze me how much talent these kids have. Every one of the competitors are phenomenal. They are all winners in my book! Kudos to all!

However, the actual prize winners from the April 13th performance are…


1st Place – Jefferson Ballard, marimba

2nd Place – Ashley Henderson, flute

3rd Place – Hunter Jorgensen, tuba


1st Place – Amelia Merkley

2nd Place – Addison Line

3rd Place – Ashley Jackman

Honorable Mentions: Emmalee Smedley & Olivia Ellis

Audience Choice:

Olivia Ellis


Pictured left to right: Hunter Jorgensen, Ashley Henderson, Jefferson Ballard, Amelia Merkley, Addison Line, Ashley Jackman, Emmalee Smedley, Olivia Ellis

And the winners from the April 12th performance are….


1st Place – Courtney Larsen, cello

2nd Place – Zane Fridal, cello

3rd Place – Aaron Lacy, cello

Honorable Mention – Amelia Merkley, violin

Male Vocalists:

1st Place – Jeremy Killpack

2nd Place – Luke Andersen

3rd Place – Bryant White

Female Vocalists:

1st Place – Keziah Roderer

2nd Place was tied – Samantha Bell & Elizebeth Swink

Audience Choice:

Keziah Roderer


Pictured left to right: Aaron Lacey, Jeremy Killpack, Bryant White, Luke Andersen, Keziah Roderer, Samantha Bell, Elizebeth Swink, Zane Fridal, Courtney Larsen, Amelia Merkley


This year’s competitors from Mountain Crest High School:


This year’s competitors from Ridgeline High School:


The Logo Competition winners are ….

1st Place – Anna Erikson from Mountain Crest

2nd Place – Cazlyn Hamilton from Ridgeline

3rd Place – Bryant White from Mountain Crest


Other upcoming opportunities:

Nibley City Talent Show

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We have openings for additional Young Artist Cup Committee members. If you are interested, please contact Julie Whitney at 435-363-6154.