Mountain Crest-Ridgeline Young Artist Cup

at Mountain Crest and Ridgeline High Schools


**Please note that starting in 2020, contestants will only be allowed to enter in ONE music category. This does not include the Logo Competition. In other words, contestants are free to enter the Logo Competition and one other category. But, only one music category is allowed, regardless of whether there was an entry in the Logo Competition.


And this year’s winners are….


1st Place – Samuel Fowler, violin (Mountain Crest)

2nd Place – Ellie Evans, violin (Ridgeline)

3rd Place – Amelia Merkley, violin (Ridgeline)

Honorable Mention – Eric Jenkins, viola (Mountain Crest)

Male Vocalists:

1st Place – Aaron Lacey (Ridgeline)

2nd Place – Ike Isom (Mountain Crest)

3rd Place – Adam Spencer (Ridgeline)

Honorable Mention – Shawn Bunce (Mountain Crest)

Female Vocalists:

1st Place – Olivia Tyger (Mountain Crest)

2nd Place – Emily Nielsen (Mountain Crest)

3rd Place – Annelise Anderson (Mountain Crest)

Honorable Mention – Sadie Anderson (Ridgeline)

Audience Choice:

Samuel Fowler (Mountain Crest)


Pictured left to right: Samuel Fowler, Eric Jenkins, Ellie Evans, Sadie Anderson, Amelia Merkley, Olivia Tyger, Adam Spencer, Emily Nielsen, Ike Isom, Annelise Anderson, Aaron Lacey, Shawn Bunce, Morgan Lamb–Logo 1st Place


1st Place – Mark Ensign, alto saxophone (Ridgeline)

2nd Place – Laura Thomas, marimba (Ridgeline)

3rd Place – Abigail Smith, trombone (Ridgeline)


1st Place – Olivia Merkley (Ridgeline)

2nd Place – Gracie Findley (Ridgeline)

3rd Place – Addison Line (Ridgeline)

Honorable Mention – Ashley Jackman (Ridgeline)

Audience Choice:

Olivia Ellis (Mountain Crest)


Pictured left to right: Abigail Smith, Gracie Findley, Cambria Farr – Logo 3rd Place, Olivia Merkley, Tanner Holladay – Logo 2nd Place, Addison Line, Mark Ensign, Laura Thomas, Ashley Jackman, Olivia Ellis

Kudos to all who participated. We congratulate you all on your diligence in preparation, courage to compete, and excellent performances! You are all AMAZING! Don’t ever stop improving your skills! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Congratulations to our Logo Competition winners!

1st — Morgan Lamb (Mountain Crest–see logo above)

2nd — Tanner Holladay (Ridgeline)


3rd– Cambria Farr (Mountain Crest)


Special thanks to George and Julie Whitney forĀ 20 years of Young Artist Cup! Thanks for all the wonderful growth experiences you’ve given our kids!

We have openings for additional Young Artist Cup Committee members. If you are interested, please contact Julie Whitney at 435-363-6154.

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